Practical tools and advising strategies for supporting learners

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Fri, September 07, 1:15 pm
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1:45 pm
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Short paper (30 minutes)
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Rob Stevenson (Kanda University of International Studies); Yuri Imamura (Kanda University of International Studies); Isra Wongsarnpigoon (Kanda University of International Studies)
While teachers within the classroom can create a supportive closed learning environment, how can this environment be extended to outside the classroom? The presenters work as language learning advisors at a university in Japan, and a large part of this role is to help learners, through dialogue, manage their behavior, emotion, and motivation influencing their language learning. They will share some common scenarios that learners deal with (e.g., lack of L2 speaking confidence, anxiety) and introduce some interventions that have proven effective at supporting learners in developing an awareness of and control of their learning processes.
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