Telecollaboration: autonomy and identity in a self-access centre

Scheduling Details
Presentation Date
Fri, September 07, 2:00 pm
Final Time
2:30 pm
Presentation Room
Presentation Format
Short paper (30 minutes)
Presenter Details
Maria de la Paz Adelia Peña Clavel (School of Languages, Linguistics and Translation-UNAM)
The talk will focus on a project called “teletandem” that aims to provide SAC learners of English a chance to practice and develop their speaking skills with English native speakers from foreign universities. The presenter will explain tandem methodology and principles, and how these sessions in the self-access centre have been implemented. Instruments and activities that students use during teletandem sessions will be shown. The presenter will also report on the results of a study into teletandem, indicating that such a virtual learning environment can be a powerful trigger to develop identity and learner autonomy.
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