“Listening in” on reading: Learners’ bimodal explorations and literacy development

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Fri, September 07, 4:25 pm
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4:55 pm
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Short paper (30 minutes)
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Anna Husson Isozaki (Juntendo University)
Brain research and classroom research show that combining reading and listening can greatly assist reading fluency development in both L1 and L2. New technologies have also developed, changing teacher-provided and -paced inputs to potentially learner-controlled ones. Aiming for more empowered EFL literacy, the instructor shared books, audiobooks, and open questions with university students. Given personal control over their process and pacing, and motivation and support through reading circles, how did the learners put the research to use? This presentation shares learners’ explorations and discoveries, advice to the instructor, and some surprising strategy possibilities under continued exploration in semester-long reading projects.
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