Benefits of Scrabble player community membership for English education majors

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Presentation Date
Fri, September 07, 4:25 pm
Final Time
4:55 pm
Presentation Room
Presentation Format
Short paper (30 minutes)
Presenter Details
Katherine Song (Hiroshima University)
The presenter will report on the latest findings of an on-going case study exploring potential benefits of long-term Scrabble® board game community membership, particularly for Japanese undergraduates training to become primary or secondary school English teachers. The talk will showcase three students and the highlights of their 4-year active involvement in the community.  Their transition from novices to experienced players and community leaders capable of using English to teach the game and their leadership responsibilities to new members and their replacements were documented. Among the data are student-provided comments about their experiences and audio-recordings of their and their replacements' gameplay interactions.
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