Not just for casuals: A study of self-directedness and motivation in eikaiwa

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Sat, September 08, 11:15 am
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11:45 am
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Short paper (30 minutes)
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Daniel Hooper (Kanda University of International Studies)
This presentation describes a case study exploring the diary entries of one self-directed learner (Haruka) studying in a private English conversation or eikaiwa school. This research analyzed Haruka’s diary entries to examine the factors that sustained her motivation and the ways in which she reflected on her language learning. Furthermore, this presentation claims that Haruka exemplifies someone who has taken the casual edutainment prevalent in eikaiwa schools (Kubota, 2011) to the level of a serious “leisure career” (Stebbins, 2007). Finally, this research highlights the potential benefits to pedagogy and research offered by learner diaries, particularly in informal educational settings.
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