Online quizzing with immediate feedback through Quizlet, Google, and Flubaroo

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Sat, September 08, 1:00 pm
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1:30 pm
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Short paper (30 minutes)
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Daniel Hougham (Hiroshima University)
Online quizzing with immediate feedback can have a beneficial impact on learners and can enable teachers to more efficiently manage the grading process (Milliner and Barr 2016). This presentation looks indirectly at the use of Quizlet and Google Forms/Flubaroo from the perspective of 1st-year low-level Japanese university students (N = 36). Surveys covered a range of areas including perceived usefulness and intention to use Quizlet again in the future, and perceived effect on motivation. Survey results suggest that (a) learners enjoy online quizzing through Google Forms/Flubaroo, (b) they find Quizlet particularly useful and user-friendly, and (c) training learners to build their vocabulary using Quizlet independently is worthwhile.
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