Researching learners' knowledge of iconic co-speech co-thought gestures

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Sat, September 08, 1:45 pm
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2:15 pm
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Short paper (30 minutes)
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Tae Kunisawa (The University of New Mexico)
I present on two issues that have remained unclear to date in gesture studies. L2 researchers of spatial language have published only a few studies, despite growing interest in the challenges faced by L2 students in learning spatial language (Pavlenko, 2014). Based on three hypotheses, I collected data in Japanese EFL high school classes (N=126). Results supported the hypotheses and suggest that teaching “iconic co-speech co-thought gestures” (ICSCTG) and listening practice concurrently can help students maintain knowledge of how to express a vertical spatial relationship with prepositional phrases and accelerate their knowledge of such relationships in Japanese EFL classes. (99 words)
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