“Write 4 Change”: Cultivating autonomous, global EFL learners through blogging

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Fri, September 07, 12:30 pm
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2:30 pm
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Free Space B (2nd floor)
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Parisa Mehran (Konan Women's University)
Process-oriented L2 writing has gained momentum, as this approach encourages autonomy, reflection, collaboration, creativity, and exploration, and enables learners to become more engaged in writing. Technology has also grown in popularity, and blogging for L2 writing has been recommended to promote critical reflection and collaborative interaction within socially mediated online learning platforms. This poster presentation explores how the application of a collective class blog facilitated the L2 writing process. It also describes how blogging for social change promoted co-construction of L2 knowledge through social interaction, and cultivated autonomy, critical thinking, and global awareness in EFL learners.
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