Teacher training project in Uzbekistan: Collaborative workshops for professional development

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Thu, September 06, 12:45 pm
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2:45 pm
Presentation Room
Free Space B (2nd floor)
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Umida Ashurova (Kinjo Gakuin University); Saodat Erkaboeva (Andijan Machine Building Institute)
In accordance with the current trend around the globe, EFL teachers from Uzbekistan are collaborating with their peers from abroad by exchanging teaching ideas and conducting professional-development activities. A teacher training (TT) project was initiated by the teachers from the Andijan region, which was supported by EFL teachers from Japan. The TT sessions were not only collaborative, but also self-directed, inquiry-oriented, experience-based, and most importantly locally relevant. The presenters will share their experience of organizing these face-to-face training sessions in remote areas of Uzbekistan, and discuss how this led to other nationwide activities for EFL teachers in Uzbekistan.
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