Exploring identity construction in a frequent user of an English lounge

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Presentation Date
Thu, September 06, 1:30 pm
Final Time
2:00 pm
Presentation Room
Presentation Format
Short paper (30 minutes)
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Phillip Taw (Kanda University of International Studies); Michael Burke (Kanda University of International Studies)
An English Lounge is a social learning space where students can practice using the target language in an informal setting. The presenters will give a brief overview of one social learning space within a self-access learning center in a university in Japan, along with a description of the larger research project being undertaken. The presenters will then give an example of a case study of how the English Lounge affected one student's view of themselves as an English user, the image the student tries to project to others, and what the student's imagined ideal self could be.
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