EFL learners’ difficulties and strategies in reading English-medium textbooks

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Thu, September 06, 2:15 pm
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2:45 pm
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Short paper (30 minutes)
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Hsi-nan Yeh (National Taiwan Normal University)
English-medium textbooks (EMT) are widely adopted in college discipline-specific courses in Asian countries. This presentation explores EFL learners’ difficulties and strategies in reading EMT. Using questionnaire responses from over 1000 students at 17 universities In Taiwan, relationships between learners’ problems/strategies, attitudes, and the role of academic discipline were explored. Thirty-two students were interviewed. Learners reported facing different types of problems, such as poor vocabulary and complexity of text structure. They also shared their tackling strategies, such as surfing the Net, finding Chinese translations of similar texts, and discussing with peers. Suggestions are made for publishers, instructors, and learners.
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