Three different paths up the mountain: Launching SALCs across 3 campuses

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Thu, September 06, 3:45 pm
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4:15 pm
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Short paper (30 minutes)
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Scot Matsuo (Ritsumeikan University); Chris Pond (Ritsumeikan University); Bjorn Fuisting (Ritsumeikan University); Robert Perkins (Ritsumeikan University); Michael Shawback (Ritsumeikan University)
A private university in the Kansai region of Japan launched expanded Self-Access Learning Centers (SALCs) on its three campuses in the spring semester. Each campus's SALC began the semester with differing starting points, facilities, obstacles, and student bodies. Utilizing interviews with staff, facilitators, instructors, and learners throughout the semester, as well as survey data, this presentation will compare and contrast each individual SALC's journey across the three campuses and see how learner autonomy was affected among the student body. Participants will learn about the technicalities of originating a multi-site SALC from inception through to the first initial months.
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