Teletandem language learning right out of the box

Scheduling Details
Presentation Date
Wed, September 05, 3:30 pm
Final Time
5:30 pm
Presentation Room
Presentation Format
Pre-conference workshop (2 hours)
Presenter Details
Maria de la Paz Adelia Peña Clavel (School of Language, Linguistics and Translation-UNAM)
The workshop aim is to provide participants with guidelines that could help them organize the activity in their classroom or self-access center. During the workshop the presenter will give a concise introduction to tandem theory and the different modalities that can be implemented according to different scenarios. Later through hands on activities, participants will explore several activities and assignments designed for teletándem, as well as ways to provide feedback for this telecollaborative activity. Recommendations regarding how to choose a tandem partner, how to match students and technical issues will also be given. At the end, participant can get a broad idea of what kind of teletandem they want to implement
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