A collaborative reflection on our professional journeys with learners' voices

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Fri, September 07, 10:00 am
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11:00 am
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Chika Hayashi (Seikei University, Tokyo); Leena Karlsson (University of Helsinki, Finland)
In our joint plenary, by engaging in a dialogue and in a sharing of experiences and stories, we will illustrate, analyse and theorize our professional journeys with a special focus on our common research interest: learners’ voices. We will re-story our pasts as practitioners, researchers and persons. Through the dialogue, we will further reconstruct our experiential narratives and orient ourselves towards the future in this meeting of hearts, minds and bodies. Our session will take us and the listeners on a journey along two winding roads, two roads that travel through different landscapes, yet are profoundly similar. We will trace the roots of our interest in learners’ voices and explore how our professional and personal histories are interrelated. We will also discuss how we have explored these voices in our advising/counselling, teaching and research. Through sharing some critical incidents, works and texts, we will demonstrate how we have approached learners’ voices and how our approaches have changed and transformed over the years. The concerns, challenges and dilemmas we have faced in our work and how we have travelled on with narrative will emerge in the dialogue. Eventually, we will reflect on how listening to and working with learners' voices help us understand the complexity of our experience as language educators. Through interweaving learners’ voices with episodes from our own lives as practitioners and individuals we will consider how our learners benefit from this evolved understanding.
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