Presentation Information

Presentation titles and presenter names are listed below. The full scheduling details will be added closer to the conference date.

  • 3 Different Paths up the Mountain: Launching SALCs Across 3 Different Campuses

    Scot Matsuo (Ritsumeikan University); Chris Pond (Ritsumeikan University); Bjorn Fuisting (Ritsumeikan University); Robert Perkins (Ritsumeikan University); Michael Shawback (Ritsumeikan University)

  • A Nested MOOC Elective Course: Variety and Individuality in Learner Development

    Curtis Edlin (Kanda University of International Studies)

  • A New Way of Teaching? Helping Teachers Promote Learner Autonomy

    Juanita Heigham (Nagoya University of Foreign Studies)

  • A qualitative study of language learning strategies in tandem learning

    Masako Wakisaka (Kyushu University)

  • Affordances, Constraints, Uses: Opportunities for Learning Beyond the Classroom

    Bernadette Denston (UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE) – Self-Access Centre (SAC))

  • An Exploratory Study of Social Media Sites For Language Learning

    Ayami Kawabe (Kansai Gaidai University)

  • Attaining Presentation Competency Through Independent Learning

    Malcolm Swanson (Seinan Jo Gakuin University)

  • Autonomous learning and practice methods for two-sided argument presentations

    Suwako Uehara (The University of Electro-Communications)

  • Autonomy and student voices in published language learning lesson plans

    Aaron Hahn (Fukuoka University)

  • Autonomy in Japanese EFL Learners: Voices from a ‘Self-directed Learning’ Course

    Ivan Lombardi (University of Fukui); Christopher Hennessy (University of Fukui)

  • Becoming Language Learning Advisors: exploring teacher autonomy

    Adelina Ruiz Guerrero (ITESO, Jesuit University)

  • Being an SAS Express Editor: An Exploration of Student Volunteer Experiences

    Andre Parsons (Hokkaido University of Education - Hakodate Campus)

  • Building a picture of teletandem experiences to promote the practice

    Clair Taylor (Gifu Shotoku Gakuen Univenrsity)

  • Case Studies of ZPD in a Japanese Language Lab Setting

    Yuki Ota (Seitoku University)

  • Collaboration and co-motivation in beginner English language learners' dialogues

    Ma. de Lourdes Rico (Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro)

  • Connecting the Pieces: Teacher or Student Agency in Autonomous Language Learning

    Shirley Humphrey (Shantou University)

  • Creating a Free Academic Course in a Facebook Group

    Josh MacPherson (TOEFL Speaking Teacher)

  • Criticality via autonomy, exploratory practice and arts-informed research method

    Ana Ines Salvi (University of Warwick)

  • Cultivate critical thinking skills with viral marketing videos & storyboarding

    Sean H. Toland (Nanzan University)

  • Developing a community of learners through volunteering

    Michael Stockwell (Sugiyama Jogakuen University)

  • Developing an Effective Conversation Partner Program

    Carlos Budding (Akita International University)

  • Developing autogenic metaphors for language-learning

    Ellen Head (Miyazaki International College)

  • Developing Curriculum to Complement Autonomous Learning

    Justin Pool (Osaka Kyoiku University); Haruyo Yoshida (Osaka Kyoiku University)

  • Developing English Communication and Leadership Abilities with Scrabble

    Katherine Song (Hiroshima University)

  • Developing Learner Confidence through Autonomous Journal Writing Homework

    Justin Pool (Osaka Kyoiku University)

  • Effect of Concurrent Use of Gestures and Listening on Learning about Vertical

    Tae Kunisawa (The University of New Mexico)

  • EFL Learners’ Difficulties and Strategies in Reading English-medium Textbooks

    Hsi-nan YEH (National Taiwan Normal University)

  • Emotional Support for Advisees: Self-Perception of Emotional Trajectory

    Ryo Moriya (Waseda University)

  • Empowering students through x-Word grammar

    Steve Cornwell (Osaka Jogakuin University)

  • Encouraging autonomy in Japanese foreign-language classes

    Fern Sakamoto (Nanzan University)

  • Encouraging autonomy with technology-enhanced tools

    John Blake (University of Aizu)

  • Encouraging student reflections to raise their awareness

    Mizuka Tsukamoto (Rikkyo University)

  • Encouraging Students’ Voice and Choice in Their Self-Learning Project

    Nae-Dong Yang (National Taiwan University)

  • Establishing Community in a New Teaching Context

    Nicole Gallagher (Rikkyo University)

  • Expanding Resource Development and Management in a Self-Access Center in Japan

    Yuri Imamura (Kanda University of International Studies); Curtis Edlin (Kanda University of International Studies)

  • Exploring Identity Construction in a Frequent User of an English Lounge

    Phillip Taw (Kanda University of International Studies); Michael Burke (Kanda University of International Studies)

  • Expressing Attitudes to Learner Autonomy through Metaphor

    Darren Elliott (Nanzan University)

  • Flipping Critical Thinking Classes to Foster Student Learning Autonomy

    Andrew Komasinski (Hokkaido University of Education)

  • Focus on Learning Strategies: Is it Effective?

    Paul Collett (Shimonoseki City University)

  • Fostering learner autonomy through reflective writing in an EFL Malagasy setting

    Dominique Vola Ambinintsoa Razafindratsimba (Victoria University of Wellington)

  • Fostering understanding of grammar through scaffolding and verbalization

    Rick Lavin (Prefectural University of Kumamoto); Yukari Nakano (Prefectural University of Kumamoto)

  • Freedom to choose my language(s)

    Aemee Chung (Osaka University); Sho Shu (Osaka University); Naoko Aoki (Osaka University)

  • Globalization through localization

    Peter Joun (Tamagawa University)

  • Implementing Goal-setting for Self-directed Learning on a Pre-Master's Programme

    Thomas Stones (Kwansei Gakuin University/beo )

  • Integrated Discussion: Managing Anxiety and Building Agency in the EMI Context

    Malcolm Sim (Akita International University); Joe Sykes (Akita International University)

  • It's Complicated: Exploring Intersectional Identities in the Language Classroom

    Quenby Hoffman Aoki (Seikei University)

  • Japanese EFL teacher's beliefs on pronunciation pedagogy and teaching practice

    Kaori Sugita (Waseda University)

  • JASAL Forum: Open Discussion on Self-Access Learning in Practice

    Hisako Yamashita (Konan Women's University); Clair Taylor (Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University); Katherine Thornton (Otemon University); Andrew D. Tweed (Meijo University)

  • Language learning beyond the classroom with project-based learning

    John Brine (University of Aizu)

  • Learner autonomy and applied theatre in the ESL classroom

    Andrew Eglinton (Konan Women's University)

  • Learner autonomy as socially constructed agency: Eva’s language learning history

    Yoshio Nakai (Doshisha University)

  • Learner Strategies Development - Enhancing the Self-access Experience

    Michael Rovers (AUT International House, Auckland University of Technology)

  • Listening in on the (Reading) Circles of Autonomous Literacy Development

    Anna Husson Isozaki (Juntendo University)

  • Model United Nations Simulations: Developing Learner Voices and Agency

    Donna Tatsuki (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies); Lori Zenuk-Nishide (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies); Thomas Fast (Okayama University); Craig Smith (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies)

  • Mutual adjustment and student self-formation: a pathway to autonomous learning

    Kerstin Irene Dofs (Ara Institute of canterbury)

  • Not just for casuals: A study of self-directedness and motivation in eikaiwa

    Daniel Hooper (Kanda University of International Studies)

  • Online quizzing with immediate feedback through Quizlet, Google, and Flubaroo

    Daniel Hougham (Hiroshima University)

  • Placing Autonomy at the Heart of the Curriculum

    Jon Rowberry (Sojo University); Kayoko Horai (Sojo University)

  • Practical advising strategies for promoting reflective dialogue

    Satoko Kato (Kanda University of International Studies); Jo Mynard (Kanda University of International Studies)

  • Practical tools and advising strategies for supporting learners

    Rob Stevenson (Kanda University of International Studies); Yuri Imamura (Kanda University of International Studies); Isra Wongsarnpigoon (Kanda University of International Studies)

  • Practice of in-class timed writing of English-majored students at a university

    Lien Ta (Hanoi)

  • Promoting Professional Competence and Autonomy in EFL Education Reform

    Hideo Kojima (Bunkyo University)

  • Psychological Literacy for teachers and learners to aid Self-Directed Learning

    Dexter Da Silva (Keisen University)

  • Reconciling Independent Learning and Parental Involvement

    Chao-wen Chiu (National Chengchi University)

  • Reflexive practice: Evaluation of an advisor professional development programme

    Huw Davies (Kanda University of International Studies)

  • Student Attitudes Toward Compulsory Autonomous Learning

    Marcel Van Amelsvoort (Juntendo University)

  • Student-led feedback on writing: Requests made and feedback received

    Rachael Ruegg (Victoria University of Wellington)

  • Students’ beliefs about help-seeking and help-giving

    Tim Ashwell (Komazawa University)

  • Supervisory practices in English-medium under/postgraduate thesis writing

    David Coulson (Ritsumeikan University); John Adamson (University of Niigata Prefecture); Naoki Fujimoto-Adamson (Niigata University of International and Information Studies)

  • Teachers Helping Teachers: Collaborative Training Workshops in Uzbekistan

    Umida Ashurova (Kinjo Gakuin University); Saodat Erkaboeva (Andijan Machine Building Institute)

  • Telecollaboration autonomy and identity in a self-access centre

    Maria de la Paz Adelia Peña Clavel (School of Languages, Linguistics and Translation-UNAM)

  • Teletandem language learning right out of the box

    Maria de la Paz Adelia Peña Clavel (School of Language, Linguistics and Translation-UNAM)

  • The Effects of Education Level on Motivational Intensity and Language Anxiety

    Yuh-show Cheng (National Taiwan Normal University)

  • The power of collaborative learner voices in developing lifelong learning habits

    Hisako Yamashita (Konan Women's University)

  • The use of self-access centres for enhancing student autonomy, voice, and agency

    Kerstin Dofs (Ara Institute of Canterbury); Moira Hobbs (Unitec Institute of Technology)

  • Towards an L2 metaphor pedagogy: multimodality and the EFL writer

    Joseph Tomei (Kumamoto Gakuen University)

  • Using Milestones as Motivation: Agency for Dissertation Writing in English

    Stuart Warrington (Nagoya University of Commerce & Business)

  • Voices from abroad: learners’ thoughts on out-of-class learning overseas

    Andrew D. Tweed (Meijo University)

  • “What can I do?” Transforming Student Staff Frustrations into Action

    Elizabeth Schlingman (Konan Women's University)

  • “Write 4 Change”: Cultivating Autonomous, Global EFL Learners through Blogging

    Parisa Mehran (Konan Women's University )