Call for papers - ILA proceedings 2018

**Please note that the deadline for the initial Collaborative Reflections has been extended to 15th October**

The ILA organising committee is pleased to announce that selected papers and collaborative reflections from the 2018 conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings, edited by Katherine Thornton and Adelia Peña Clavel. The Proceedings will be made available as an open access online publication.

In keeping with the theme of the conference, Whose Autonomy? Voices and Agency in Language Learning, the editors aim to include a diverse set of voices in the publication.

This Proceedings will publish the following:

  1. Research Papers presented at the conference ( 3500 words)
  2. Collaborative Reflections (2 or more participants engaging in reflective dialogue on the conference content) (1500 words)
    If you would like to participate in this section of the proceedings, please submit a 1500-word reflection on your conference experience, referencing presentations you attended and relevant literature. You will then be grouped with one or two other participants and comment on each other’s reflections, then have the chance to respond further to these comments. The reflections, comments and further responses will be published as one collaborative paper. If you have a preference of collaborator(s), please say so in your submission email.
  3. Student Papers (500 - 2500 words)

Non-presenters and presenters alike are encouraged to submit their reflections on the conference. Student presenters and participants are free to submit to the student category, or with a teacher or fellow students in the collaborative reflection category.

All Research Paper submissions should be in English and include a 200-word Abstract. Please submit documents in 1.5 spaced 12 point Times New Roman and comply with APA 6th edition formatting guidelines. Detailed information on APA can be found here.
An example paper can be accessed here.

Research papers will follow a blind peer review process.

Deadline for research paper submissions is 20th December 2018.
Deadline for initial Collaborative Reflections is 30th September 2018 extended to October 15th, after which you will be grouped with other participants and start the collaborative dialogue.
Students who attended the Student Conference and wish to submit a paper should refer to the guidelines sent via email.
Those who submit research papers may be approached to act as reviewers for other papers.

Please submit to and attach your paper as a Word document. In the body of your email, please include the following:

  1. Name(s) of author(s)
  2. Affiliation(s) of author(s)
  3. Name of primary contact & contact email address
  4. Category of submission (1,2 or 3)
  5. Title of submission (research & student papers)

Questions for reflections

Please feel free to refer (or not) to the following questions when writing your reflection on the ILA conference.

  • What have you learnt in the ILA conference that has contributed to your understanding of autonomy or any other concept?
  • What has made you reflect upon your current practice? Will it change? how? Why?
  • What would you like to share with other people who did not have the chance to attend to ILA 2018?